Comfort Objects

Danish fashion and textile designer Line Sander Johansen is the woman behind the accessory brand, Comfort Objects, launched in July 2015.

After having worked for Ann Demeulemeester and Dosa in L.A., she graduated a Masters degree within Arts from Women's Wear Fashion and Textiles at Kolding School of Design, Denmark 2012.

Ever since 2008 Line Sander Johansen has been working with 'waste' and 'what already is' as a frame for her collections - ensuring an exclusive and zero waste production and by breathing new life into the heirlooms, repurposing the labor of love.

All accessories are made by hand, based on the appreciation of abandoned and luxurious vintage textiles, found on travels from around the world. 

This is the appreciation of a curated selection of vintage textiles, repurposed and made carefully by hand, assembled in limited editions.

Comfort Objects can only be Bought in the store at Jægersborg/Charlottenlund.