In 1947, upon her son Roland Petit’s suggestion, Rose Repetto designed her first ballet shoes in her workshop at 22 rue de la Paix, a stone’s throw from Opera Garnier. Her success was immediate. 

In 1956, Brigitte Bardot immortalized the red pair of Cendrillons specially designed for her in 'Et Dieu créa la femme', a famous film directed by Roger Vadim. She was an excellent ballerina and confided to Rose Repetto that she wished to wear a pair of shoes in town as comfortable as her soft ballet shoes. The first 'stiched and returned' pair was designed in a sensual carmine red. Very feminine as they subtly unveil the beginning of the toes, the first Mythics still embody the incandescent personality of the film star.


Cendrillon ballerinaen og Tutu ball er begge små i størrelserne og man skal gå et helt nummer op. Så bruger man normalt størrelse 37 skal man vælge størrelse 38. De andre modeller er mere normale i størrelserne, men til den lille side.