DKK 2.500,00
Earring in 14 carat solid gold set with a pink coral. Price a piece.

corali offers jewelry pieces that are timeless and reflect my love for peculiar sculptures and perceptional architecture as well as my fascination and fear of the ocean. this place where everything is quiet and filled with a sort of emptiness. it is a place where time does not exist. only the infinite tact of the waves making the seaweed dance at the sea bottom. it is a place where unknown stories are told, and it is home to some of the most beautiful and mysterious places on earth. i like to think the jewelry pieces are modern and responsive to their time, but at the same time with references to a forgotten time or place that will make you wonder and imagine. it is a tiny treasure that will last longer than you, if you take good care of it.

the brand embraces the honesty and unpretentiousness of an experimental and intuitive method with focus on high quality craftsmanship and materials. each piece is carefully designed and handmade in copenhagen, denmark. from the first drawing to the final piece, corali is intended as a tiny love affair.



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